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20143C成熟期商品之公司策略發展與產品創新研究 —以微星科技筆電為例蕭中強; 劉玫芳
2014-03-04Be Yourself, Image Is Nothing: Bias Correction when Viewing Messages in Sequence.國立臺灣師範大學管理研究所; 蕭中強; Yi-Wen Chiena; Chung-Chiang Hsiaob
2010-09-12Bias Removal and Judgmental Recalibration on Contrastive Context.國立臺灣師範大學管理研究所; 蕭中強
2017Business Development Plan-Versatility A Business Plan of Using the Internet as a Platform for Recruiting Sports Instructors, Intermediary Service and Offering Afterschool Classes蕭中強; Hsiao, Chung-Chiang; 卓竑佑; Cho, Hung-Yu
2010-06-19Category Relevance and Positioning Relevance for Explaining Source Effects on Product Judgments.國立臺灣師範大學管理研究所; 蕭中強
2017Concierge Care Services (Hong Kong) Limited, GenderRe: Business Plan蕭中強; Hsiao, Chung-Chiang; Finlayson, Dominick Michael; Finlayson, Dominick Michael
2010-06-19Correction for Mood Bias in Product Judgments.國立臺灣師範大學管理研究所; 蕭中強
2014-06-01The Flexible Correction Model: Bias Correction Guided by Na鴳e Theories of Bias國立臺灣師範大學管理研究所; 蕭中強; Yi-Wen Chien; Duane T. Wegener; Richard E. Petty; Chung-Chiang Hsiao
2012-07-05A Framework for Explaining Core Brand Effects on Brand Extensions.國立臺灣師範大學管理研究所; 蕭中強
2018GQSHOP.COM: A Business Proposal蕭中強; Hsiao, Chung-Chiang; 黃妮可; Niko Yrastinne Huang
2012-07-05How May Attitude Confidence Influence Correction Magnitude.國立臺灣師範大學管理研究所; 蕭中強
2018LED Lighting Product Development and Marketing Strategies: A Business Plan for Energyled Corporation蕭中強; Hsiao, Chung-Chiang; 范嫣; Fan, Yen
2017OEM/ODM 廠商新產品開發模式與策略之研究-以光通廠商E公司為例蕭中強; Hsiao, Chung-Chiang; 鄒隆萍; Chou, Lung-Ping
2010-09-16Source Effects on Product Judgments: Moderation of Product-Source Positioning and Category Relevance.國立臺灣師範大學管理研究所; 蕭中強
2011The Effect of Argument Quantity on Product Attitude and Attitude Certainty蕭中強; Chung-Chiang Hsiao; 桑吉; Gediminas Sungaila
2010-08-01A Two-Factor Explanation of Consumers' Self-Activated Bias Correction in Product Judgment國立臺灣師範大學管理研究所; 蕭中強; 簡怡雯; 梁貫御
2017中小型知識型企業轉型為自媒體企業之發展模式探討─以I公司為例蕭中強; Hsiao, Chung-Chiang; 林宜平; Lin, Yi-Ping
2018主觀知識和客觀知識如何影響判斷修正量蕭中強; Hsiao, Chung-Chiang; 林小鳳; Puntarik Panasawatwong
2018以人為本的品牌形象轉換為核心價值的管理流程蕭中強; Hsiao, Chung-Chiang; 邱世湞; Chiu, Shih-chen
2015以層級分析法探討企業經營關鍵成功因素-以電器產業為例蕭中強; CHUNG-CHIANG HSIAO; 林於賜; LIN,YU-TZU