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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006-01-01「2006 職訓課程發展計畫—工業控制職類」調查報告書國立臺灣師範大學國際人力資源發展研究所; 蔡錫濤; 張媁雯等
2006-11-092006 職訓課程發展計畫—工業控制職類調查研究國立臺灣師範大學國際人力資源發展研究所; 蔡錫濤; 張媁雯; 謝文斌; 楊榮仁
2010A Study of the Effect of National Culture Value and Self-Efficacy on Organizational Commitment in Haiti蔡錫濤; Ted Shir-Tau Tsai; 馬維妮; Virginie Marc
2007A Study on Global Staffing Strategies for Middle Managers of Multinational Banks蔡錫濤; Dr. Ted Shir-Tau Tsai; 譚鴻雅; Hung-Ya, Tan
2005A Study on the Roles and Competencies of Human Resource Professionals The Consequence of Human Resource Outsourcing蔡錫濤; 潘美佐; Kris Pan
2007An Analysis of Leadership Styles and Practices among Secondary School Principals in Belize蔡錫濤; Shir-Tau, Tsai; 蘇玫蕊; Marie Ann Scott
2010Barriers and Effects of Parental Involvement on Teacher's Performance and School Development in Northern Rural Belize蔡錫濤; Ted Shir-Tau Tsai; 麥艾恩; Elias Eduardo Mesh
1992-11-??BBS系統之規畫、架設與運作謝文斌; 蔡錫濤
2012Career Development of Management Associates in Banking Sectors in Taiwan蔡錫濤; Shir-Tau Tsai; 蘇怡蓁; I-Chen Su
2012Employer Branding Practice for Multinational Corporate in Taiwan蔡錫濤; Shir-Tau Tsai; 馮湘玲; Hsiang-Ling Feng
2012Managerial Competencies in the Cosmetic Industry蔡錫濤; Shir-Tau Tsai; 康 娜 蝶; KABORE NADEGE
2003-03-??Now or Never蔡錫濤
2014Perceived Strategic Human Resource Development Activities and Barriers to Enhanced Performance of Public Sector Employees in Swaziland蔡錫濤; Shir-Tau Tsai, Ph.D; 江語潔; Khangezile Hlengiwe Millicent Fakudze
2011Strategies for Improving Retention in The Gambia Civil Service蔡錫濤; Ted Shir-TauTsai, Ph.D; Ishaqa Hashim Bah
2010The Study of Intercultural Competence for HR Professionals蔡錫濤; Ted Shir-Tau Tsai; 任怡亭; I-Ting Jen
2011The Impact of Career Path, Career Management Satisfaction and Career Commitment on Organizational Commitment蔡錫濤; Ted Shir-Tau Tsai, Ph.D; Andrea Mariana Moscoso Riveros
2013The Relationship between University Governance and Female Students’ Academic Success: A Case of the University of Koudougou in Burkina Faso蔡錫濤; Shir-Tau Tsai; Nanmwin-None Some; Nanmwin-None Some
2013The Strategies of Talent Management for Companies in Taiwan蔡錫濤; Shir-Tau Tsai; 郭維哲; Wei-Che Kuo
2011Towards Step Migration from Taiwan to Canada:The Case of Filipino Migrant Domestic Workers’ Transitional Adaptation蔡錫濤; 那瑞莎; Nerissa Servando
2011Work Motivational Preference of Employees in Taiwan NPOs蔡錫濤; Ted Shir-Tau Tsai; 林巧玲; Chiao-Ling Lin