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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019A Qualitative Study Exploring the Migratory Push-Pull Factors of American Basketball Players Playing in the Chinese Basketball Association葉俶禎; Rosa Yeh; 溫特琴; TeQin Hing Windham
2009A Study of Professional Competencies of Recruiting Consultants in Temporary Staffing Agencies in Taiwan侯世光; 葉俶禎; Shih-Kuang, Hou; Chu-Chen, Yeh; 鄭婷文; Ting-Wun,Cheng
2018An UTAUT-Based Study of Social Network Sites for Job Search by Generation Y葉俶禎; Yeh, Chu-Chen; 古育丞; Ku, Yu-Cheng
2015Brain Drain: Factors that Influence Students’ Intention to Stay in the Host Country after Studying Abroad葉俶禎; Yeh, Chu-Chen; 羅書芳; Sofana Marisse Rojas Vargas
2009-05-26A Case Study on ABC Commercial Bank’s E-HR System國立臺灣師範大學國際人力資源發展研究所; 葉俶禎; 林勝豪
2014E-HR Usage Intention of the Net Generation: Process Virtualization Theory Versus IT Capability and Individual Attributes葉俶禎; C. Rosa Yeh; 蕭新耀; Shin-Yau Hsiao
2018Employees’ Perception of Leader’s Humor Style and Pleasant Climate as Moderated by Social Conformity葉俶禎; Yeh, Chu-Chen; 柯昱妏; Ko, Yu-Wen
2014Factors influencing Teachers’ Participation in Certification Education: A Special Case of Continuing Professional Development in Belize葉俶禎; Dr. C. Rosa Yeh; 杜安婷; Amparito T. de J. Tun
2011HR Practices in Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises: The Perspective of Organizational Ecology葉俶禎; Chu-Chen Rosa Yeh, Ph.D; 黃怡淨; Yi Ching Huang
2009-05-01Job Analysis of Recruiting Consultants in Temporary Staffing Agencies in Taiwan國立臺灣師範大學國際人力資源發展研究所; 葉俶禎; 鄭婷文
2013Predictors of Intercultural Sensitivity in U. S. Nursing Students Along the Gulf Coast葉俶禎; Dr. C. Rosa Yeh; S. Council Vaughan
2019Relationship between Self-efficacy and Individual Performance: Mentoring as the Moderator葉俶禎; Yeh, Chu-Chen Rosa; 陳姿穎; Chen, Tzu-Ying
2010A Study of Leadership and Locus of Control on Workplace Happiness and Affective Commitment葉俶禎; C. Rosa Yeh; 葉宜菁; Yi Ching Yeh
2017The Differential Effect of Career Anchor Profiles on the Relationship between Career Plateau and Turnover Intention葉俶禎; Yeh, Chu-Chen; 林秉翰; Lin, Bing-Han
2016The effect of Diversity on Team Social Integration葉俶禎; Ye, Chu-Zhen; 林秉興; Lin, Bing-Shing
2018The Effect of Employee Silence on Employee Well-Being and Work Engagement: The Moderating effect of Mentoring Relationship in Taiwan葉俶禎; Yeh, Chu-Chen Rosa; 蔡涵羽; Tsai, Han-Yu
2017The Effect of Job Previews on Role Clarity and Unmet Expectation: A Scenario-Based Quasi-Experimental Study葉俶禎; Yeh, Chu-Chen; 吳宗儒; Wu, Tsung-Ru
2019The Relationship of Career Adaptability and Entrepreneurial Intentions: Moderating Effect of Risk Aversion and Entrepreneurial Opportunity葉俶禎; Yeh, Chu-Chen; 林怡馨; Lin, Yi-Hsin
2012員工之任務科技適配度對於數位學習之學習成果與培訓遷移的影響葉俶禎; Chu-Chen Rosa Yeh; 柯姝煒; Iris Shu-Wei Ko
2010-12-31國家文官學院訓練評鑑模式之建立國立臺灣師範大學國際人力資源發展研究所; 葉俶禎