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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007-12-3196 年度局屬五所職訓區域運籌中心營運功能診斷輔導計畫國立臺灣師範大學國際人力資源發展研究所; 林怡君
2018Being a Mentor is a Matter: The Relationships among Career Plateau, Subjective Well-Being, and Mentoring林怡君; Lin, Yi-Chun; 賴郁婷; Lai, Yu-Ting
2017Career Plateau and Counterproductive Work Behaviors among Generation Y: A Moderated mediation model of political skill and job satisfaction林怡君; Lin, Yi-Chun; 胡商霖; Hu, Shang-Lin
2017Different Types of Protean Career Attitude, Task Performance and Contextual Performance: Based on Briscoe and Hall's Model林怡君; Yi-Chun Lin; 尹雅; Enkhbayar Tumurbaatar
2011The Effect of Emotional Intelligence as a Moderator on the Relationship between Cultural Intelligence and Cross-Cultural Adjustment林怡君; Jane Yi-Chun Lin; 陳大山; Samuel David Norales Arauz
2011-12-03The Effects of Cultural Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence on Cross-cultural Adjustment國立臺灣師範大學國際人力資源發展研究所; 林怡君
2018Examining the Mediating Role of Perceived Organizational Socialization between Proactive Personality and Organizational Citizenship Behavior in Taiwan’s Public Institutions林怡君; Lin, Yi-Chun; 莊智翔; Chuang, Chih-Hsiang
2010The Intercultural Competence Level of University Students in Taiwan賴志樫; Steven Chih-Chien Lai; 林怡君; Yi-Chun Lin
2013-09-??Rasch 模式建置國小高年級閱讀理解測驗林怡君; 張麗麗; 陸怡琮; I-Chun Lin; Lily Chang; I-Chung Lu
2015The Moderating Effect of Perceived Supervisor Support on the Relationship between Organizational Politics and Job Satisfaction林怡君; Lin, Yi-Chun; 黃美森; WARISA KRONGBOONYING
2019The Puzzle of Work Motivation: The Connection between Perceived Organizational Support and Innovative Work Behavior among Generation Y Workers in Vietnam林怡君; Lin, Yi-Chun; 范思美; Pham Xuan Ban Mai
2017The Relationship Between Learning Goal Orientation and Innovative Work Behavior: Supportive Learning Environment as a Moderator林怡君; Lin, Yi-Chun; 林子欽; Lin, Zih-Cin
2017The Relationships Among Expatriates' Intrinsic Motivation, Host Country Language Proficiency, and Work Adjustment林怡君; Lin, Yi-Chun; 李思怡; Lee, Si-Yi
2018When the Customer is Not Always Right: A Comparison Between Salvadorean and Taiwanese Employees in the Service Industry林怡君; Lin, Yi-Chun; 孔亮婕; Alejandra del Pilar Campos Alfaro
2017Who Cares about CSR? Investigating Employee’s Perception of Corporate Social Responsibility and Employee Engagement: The Moderating Role of Perceived Supervisor Support林怡君; Lin, Yi-Chun; 樊涵瑜; Fan, Han-Yu
2013-07-01人際發展介入團體對弱勢兒童同儕關係影響之研究--以南投縣課後照顧服務為例國立臺灣師範大學社會工作學研究所; 林怡君; 沈慶盈 
2012人際發展介入活動對弱勢兒童同儕關係影響之研究-以南投縣課後照顧服務為例沈慶盈; SHEN, CHUNG-YING; 林怡君; LIN, I-CHUN
2014企業併購下心理契約違反與工作投入度之關係:以組織公平為調節變數林怡君; Yi-Chun Lin; 張雅玟; Ya-Wen Chang
2012使用者的資訊安全感與手機使用自我效能影響應用行動加值服務的意圖之研究洪榮昭; Jon-chao Hong; 林怡君; LIN, YI-CHUN
2008-04-??國小自然與生活科技課程運用Google Docs的學習成效 林怡君; 林建仲; 吳俊憲