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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Factors Related to Managerial Competence - A Study Based on Managerial Assessment of Proficiency (MAP)張媁雯; Wei-Wen Chang; 廖慧萍; Hui-Ping Liao
2011HR人員的核心職能與內部顧客滿意度的關係張媁雯; Wei-Wen Chang; 吳明彥; Ming-Yen Wu
2020Leading Change under Uncertainty: Lessons from a Multinational Automotive Company張媁雯; Wei-Wen Chang; 韋靖; Elias Gustav Borgelius
2010Organizational Socialization of Sojourners in Cross-culture Context – A Study on Workers from Northeast Asian in the United States of America張媁雯; Wei-Wen Chang; 高瓊姿
2010The Relationship among Acculturation, Communication Ability, Demographic Background and Performance of Indian Doctoral Students in Taiwan張媁雯; Wei-Wen Chang; 安龐德; Pandharinath Babruvan Ambre
2010-05-01The Relationship among Acculturation, CommunicationAbility, Demographic Factors, and Performance of Indian Ph.D Students in Taiwan國立臺灣師範大學國際人力資源發展研究所; Pandharinath Babruvan Ambre; Wei-Wen Chang; Shir-Tau Tsai; Angela Shin-Yih Chen
2015Self-Directed English Learning for Communication in BusinessDr. Wei-Wen Chang 張媁雯; Wei-Wen Chang; Yen-Ho Huang 黃彥賀; Yen-Ho Huang
2012The Relationship among Job Stress, Social Support and Affective Commitment: A Study on Employees of Nonprofit Organizations in Taiwan張媁雯; Wei-Wen Chang; 郭勇呈; Yung-Cheng Kuo
2016The Relationship of Training and Development, Compensation, Job Stress, Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment: An Example of a Commercial Bank in Honduras張媁雯; Wei-Wen Chang; 羅葆菈; Nancy Paola Rodríguez Zavala
2010The Volunteer Recruitment and Training of an International Non-Profit Organization in the United States and Taiwan: A Case Study of the World Vision張媁雯; Wei-Wen Chang; 孫意婷; I-Ting Sun
2013Third Culture Kids 的職業選擇及工作適應張媁雯; Wei-Wen Chang; 許至仁; Chih-Jen Hsu
2012Work Stress, Organizational Commitment and Personality of Employees at the Maquila Industry in Honduras張媁雯; Wei-Wen Chang; 馬萳希; Nancy Carolina Martinez Madrid
2014加護病房護理師之情緒管理與學習歷程張媁雯; Wei-Wen Chang; 姚莞羚; Wan-Ling Yao
2013台灣國際活動領隊運用之語言與跨文化策略張媁雯; Wei-Wen Chang; 董書豪; Shu-Hao Tung
2012台籍教師於金門中等學校之適應情形探討張媁雯; Wei-Wen Chang; 吳馨嵐; Hsin-Lan Wu
2008國際學生之適應歷程與跨文化訓練--以國立台灣師範大學為例張媁雯; Wei-Wen Chang; 張庭芳; Ting-Fang Chang
2013從國際賽事看語言管理張媁雯; Wei-Wen Chang; 洪小惠; Hsiao - Hui Hung
2008跨文化適應力檢核單:中文版信效度之研究張媁雯; Wei-Wen Chang; 莊雅婷; Ya-Ting Chuang