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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Person-Environment Fit and Its Affective Outcomes-NPO Participants in Taiwan as An Example賴志樫; Chih-Chien Lai; 黃凱莉; Avis Kai-Li Huang
2018Relationships among Proactive Personality, Organizational Socialization, and Turnover Intention賴志樫; Lai, Chih-Chien; 葉慧君; Yeh, Huei-Jyun
2017Relationships Among Training and Development, Organizational Commitment and Turnover Intention in Companies in Taiwan賴志樫; Lai, Chih-Chien; 伊莎; Ilze Zepa
2015Teacher Satisfaction with Online Mandarin Chinese Courses at National Taiwan Normal University賴志樫; Lai, Chih-Chien; 荷斯汀; Carlos Alberto Hosking Pena
2018The Culture Effects on Foreign Language Reading Anxiety and Foreign Language Learning Motivation of Master Program Students賴志樫; Lai, Chih-Chien; 蕭偉強; Hsiao, Wei-Chiang
2018The effects between Coming Out and Workplace Friendship on Job Satisfaction in Taiwan賴志樫; Lai, Chih-Chien; 林郁芹; Lin, Yu-Cin
2016The Factors Influencing International Students’ Choice of Working in Taiwan after Graduation賴志樫; Chih-Chien Lai; 孟淮生; Wandile Wiseman William Mntshali
2017The Influence of Leadership and Training Delivery Methods on Job Satisfaction in Hospitality Industry賴志樫; Lai, Chih-Chien,; 沈庭宇; Shen, Ting-Yu
2018The Mediating Effect of Organizational Commitment on Perceived Person-Organization Fit and Job Satisfaction in the Public Sector of The Gambia賴志樫; Lai, Chih-Chien Steven; 郭李查; Richard Gomez
2018The Relationship between Job Satisfaction and Retention Intention of Cabin Crews in Taiwan賴志樫; Lai, Chih-Chien; 陳以理; Chen, Yi-Li
2019The Relationship between Mandarin Language Ability and Sociocultural Adaptation with Cultural Intelligence as Mediator: A Case Study of International Students in Taiwan賴志樫; Lai, Chih-Chien; 江培鴻; Nonrawan Kanchanaprapas
2019The Relationship between Training and Development and Organizational Commitment of Private Service Companies in Mongolia: Job Satisfaction as the Mediator賴志樫; Lai, Chih-Chien; 穆易白; ABAI MURAT
2012The Relationship of Organizational Culture, Compensation, Job Satisfaction and Turnover in The Gambia Service Industry賴志樫; Chih-Chien Steven Lai; Francis Jatta; Francis Jatta
2019The Relationships among Leader-Member Exchange, Employee Creativity and Intrinsic Motivation of Ministry of Education in Thailand賴志樫; Lai, Chih-Chien; 羅哲瀚; Nut Tammawiteekun
2014人力資本開發者任務與以員工為基礎的品牌權益之研究探討賴志樫; Lai Chih Chien; 王盈之; Diane Wang
2008-04-18人力資源客服代表---人資的新角色國立臺灣師範大學國際人力資源發展研究所; 賴志樫; 曾治鈞; 白千祐