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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1980-04-??A Descriptive Analysis of Three Aspects of Tone Change from Middle Chinese to Modern Chinese謝國平
1988-05-??A Spectrographic Analysis of the Coronal Affricates and Fricatives in Mandarin Chinese謝國平
1985-05-??A Survey of the Use of English in Taiwan The Republic of China謝國平
1990-05-??Anticipatory Coarticulation and the Perception of Nasality in VN Syllables謝國平
1993-05-??Aspiration in English as a Scalar Feature謝國平
1983-05-??Bilingualism in University Students in the Republic of China謝國平
1986-05-??Code Switching and Bilingual Grammars程玉秀; 謝國平
1989-05-??Degress of Retroflexion and the 'Empty Vowel' in Mandarin Chinese謝國平
1978-04-??Language and the Right Hemisphere謝國平
1996-12-??Perception of Word Tones in Mandarin Whispered Speech謝國平
1992-05-??Production and Perception of Syllable Final [n] and [η] in Mandarin Chinese: An Experimental Study謝國平
1982-04-??Some Advantages of Sociolinguistic Surveys for Language Planning Purposes謝國平
1994-06-??Spectrographic Properties of Some Pathological Speech Samples of Mandarin Chinese謝國平
1987-05-??States of the Glottis and Their Acoustic Correlates謝國平
2007-01-??Syllable-Final Nasal Mergers in Taiwan Mandarin許慧如; 謝國平
2000-06-??The Perceptual Saliency of Palatality, Dentality, and Retroflexion in Mandarin Consonants謝國平
2009-07-??The Tonal Leveling of Taiwan Mandarin許慧如; 謝國平
1979-04-??The Very Early Stage謝國平; 張進生
1995-06-??Third Tone Sandhi in Mandarin Chinese謝國平